Zak Loyd (Texan, 1986) is a multimedia artist and educator interested in the mystical ramifications of archaic and contemporary video technologies. Having come to know the world via the warm, glowing depths of a CRT television, Zak’s work attempts to revisit a psychic singularity through formal video compositions crafted and presented as esoteric ritual. His intermodal work takes the form of installation, performance, and network based compositions.

He has shown regionally and internationally at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Rhizome at The New Museum; Upfor Gallery, Portland; Casa Maauad, Mexico D.F.; and Videofag, Toronto.

In 2016 received his MFA in Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices at the University of Colorado. He is currently a Visual Art Technician and Adjunct Faculty in New Media Art at the University of North Texas. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his partner and collaborator, Melanie Clemmons